Did you see the moon smile last night?
there was really beautiful,,Jupiter and Venus come on the top,
thas seem like Mr.Moon is smiling...

Australia which is the country is very close to the sky,
everyday when i walk back home,
i always look at the sky and make a wish,

when i first come here everyday i wish im happy everyday,,
i wish my parent and ppl i love feel happy too,,

i usually like look at the sky and make a wish,,
while i walk back home...

"Mr.Moon and the star,please let me and ppl i love feel happy everyday"

when i was falling in love with someone everyday i make a wish,,

"Mr.Moon and the star could u please let him like me just a bit >.<"

i dont know if that work,,but we are good friend now,,
and i dont like him anymore as a guys,,

and when i got boyfriend im very happy,,everyday i make a wish,,

"Mr.Moon,could you please let this happy with me forever"

"Mr.Moon,i wish this love forever"

"Mr.Moon,i wish he could be like this forever"

"i wish i could have him
with me forever"

Eventually,,when he become changed,,everyday i make a wish,,

"Mr.Moon, i wish he could be the same"
"Mr.Moon, i wish he wont make me cry anymore"
"Mr.Moon, i wish he could feel what i have done for him"
"Mr.Moon, i wish he would love me like i did"
"Mr.Moon, could you please let him love me only half that i love him is enough"
"Mr.Moon,i wish he could be like before

Everyday always like this nearly half years,,
how many times i walk back home look at the sky and crying,,

i dont know why only love from him,
do i need to asked from the moon or the star?,,
and the result is nothing...

till these day i still be the same,
everyday i look at the sky and make a wish,,
but the wish i make is different,,

"Mr.Moon, i wish i could be stronger"
"Mr.Moon, i wish i don't cry anymore"

and everyday i told myself i'll be stronger,,
i promise to myself i won't let ppl hurt me anymore,
but im still too weak,,i wanna say like
i will not cry anymore,,but i know i can't

so..i'll just try to stronger bit by bit,,
i need to grow up,,i cant always let ppl hurt me,,
i'll face the truth,,i wont run away when i met him,
i'll smile even its fake,,i'll laugh even im not feel happy,

That what i learn from you ray..just "PRETEND"

But the only thing i won't do is hurting ppl,,
i wont hurting ppl,,and they can't hurt me aswell,,

Ray..you are the last one who can hurt me,,
i wont let anyone hurt me anymore....

and course its hard to make ppl understand how hurt in my mind,
Im just trying to smile like nothing wrong,,
But its still hard for me....

i wish my life could be better without you,
you hurt my body its really hurt,but oneday it'll be ok,,

But you ruined my heart,,its even more hurt,
my heart need a treatment,,
i dont know how long does it take..

But i will,,i will show you,,my life dont need you,,
oneday i will be very happy and being a good girls too,,

Oneday,,you might feel regret what you have done to me,
Oneday,,when ppl around you not there,,
Oneday,,when you realize that you become old and still got nth,,
Oneday,,u will know your parent cant always take care of you till you die,
Oneday,,when you realize that money is not everything,,

Oneday,,when you realize what is important in ur life and its already too late..
That day,,you will know what im trying to give you all along....





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