i'm really hurt,,in my whole life this is the first time,,

this is my first time i let ppl hurt me like this,,

not only my heart , my feeling,,u even hurt my body,,

you broke my heart into pieces,,

i dont know how long will take me get better,,

i wont forget what you have done to me,,

and i wont forget how much i love you,,

i'll try to remember only the good things of you,,even it really hard to find,,

but yea,,my choice to choose you to be my bf,,maybe its all my fault

its all my faulf coz i was belive you,,and always belive that love is beautiful,,

but till now i still think like that way,,love for me still beautiful,,

just i choose the wrong person to give my love,,

my love never worth for him,,wt i hv done for him he never feel,,

im regret that im go out with you,,im regret that i belive you,,

but thank you,,you maybe make me stronger,,

from now on i wont let ppl hurt me anymore,,

noone can hurt me like u did

and i wont hurt other ppl too,,

oneday if u could know how that feels when you get hurt,,

u wont hurt other ppl too,,i wish you could feel it soon

otherwise oneday when you think back the person who will get hurt is you,,

and ye,,its too late to change anything,,you can just feel regret,,

you just a young man,,your life should learn more,,

i still love you,,but im really tired,,my heart, my body every part of me is tired,,

even i still want to be with you,,but now everything is broke,,

and nothing can be the same,,

i'll just remenber this big mistake in my life,,and i wont make it again,,

hoping you can learn somethings from this mistake too,,

maybe no,,coz u should learn how to feel first,,

i dun knw who make you being like this,,but belive me,,

everyone love you,,your friend love you

your mom, your dad, your brother, they are love you,,

and i love you too,,stop hurting ppl who love you,,

i dont want you to get hurt,,

i want you smile like the day when we just met

even thas just lied,,but that smile make me love you till now,,

i can still remember everythings about you,,

the day im really happy,,

the day im really hurt,,

everything will stay in my heart forever,,

i remenber the day we not talk too much but always happy,,

the day you take me to a really beautiful place i've ever see,,

the day we hold eachother hands and u never let me alone,,

the day we see movie,,my head on ur shouder,,and u hold my hand,,

the day i feel happy when i cook sth for you and u eat them all,,

the day we kiss the day we hug,,

the day i woke up and c u sleeping by myside always ,,

the day im crying,,the day im hurt,,

the day you broke my promise,,cant rmb how many times,,

they day you let me wait and you didnt come,,

the day you give me very bad memories on my 23th Bday,,

the day you shouted at me,,and hurt my feeling

the day you hit me and said to me 'just go die'

and now you broke my heart into pieces,,

i dun knw how long does it take,,i'll get better

but i'll try to be better bit by bit,,

now its time to open my eyes,,

im still crying everynight,,and morning when i wokeup,,

i still feel hurt,,but i wont get hurt more than this,,

now i promise to myself i wont let ppl hurt me like you did anymore,,

only you can hurt me...Ray....

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