I don't know how can i stand with this hurt
you just killing me slowly,,
I dont know what should i do,,but i just cant lost you...
without you i just cant survive,,
i know i love with my eyes closing,,,
you bad...you aways shouted at me...
always say somethings hurt my feeling,,
always lied to me,,but i love you...
Ray...from the day im go out with u i never feel happy
my life isnt happy anymore,,i lost everything,,even you..
if i could have one wish..i wish i could back at that time
back to the time when i just know you,,
i wont give u a chance,,i need my life back..
i need to be happy,,Ray,,can u bring me back that smile?...
Ray,,i dont knw how can i make u be the same
im try to do everythings,,im tryin to b a good girls
or that's not enought? i do everything for you,,
i dun knw how can i let you hurt me like this hurt,,
i have live more than 20 yrs,,but in my whole life
i have ever feel like this hurt,,i dont knw how come?
i beg you,,stop hurting me la...
and i beg you,,dont leave me,,
seriously,,im going to die...
Ray,,,i never feel angry with u even one
i never hate you or think bad about you,,
all i can feel just upset and hurt,,
i hope oneday you can feel how much i love you
and what i hv done for you,,
please la ray,,dont wait till it too late...
i need to feel happy with u again in my life...
Love you....RAY

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